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I was thinking about the horse thing, and I realized that this nasty attitude about people only showing off with their horses or just being here for competition are what made me stop riding actually. Where are the barns where you ride with laid back people just here to enjoy a hobby? Everything is talk-behind-your-back and competition now (and it's even harder when you grow old and want to get back into riding)

It’s sadly true most of the time. The worst combo I’ve ever come in contact with are the competitive riders that treat their horses like a human baby completely forgetting that they have a horse e not a “child” (they stall them 24/7 because “oh god what if other horses hurt him/her”, punish them when they are showing “disrespect”, buy all these super expensive tack that most of the time are completely useless if not plain hurtful) and of course end up with these poor nervous animals full of stable vices. These kind of people make me want to leave for good as well.

The only thing that make me orbit around this world is that by every bad rider/owner there is at least another one willing to understand what respecting a horse (or an animal in general) really means, especially among kids. 

we need more people like you ! we also had some stubborn cases where I used to ride but some horse-riders tandems worked really well when people actually took time and patience toward the horse :D

OMG thank you! But really I just had to put in practice the basics of horse riding/training (plus that mare is actually a saint who only needed a bit of respect). Too bad that most of the riders I’ve met are more concerned about competition or to just look cool with their purebred horses than to actual horsemanship :/

I know that you’ve always wanted to read about horse riding stuff

Beware! Lot of obscure horse riding terms ahead!

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